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Are you in the right place ?

I'm guessing that if you're here today, it's because you have bunions on your feet. These are the famous "bumps" growing on the side of the foot.


I want you to know that I truly understand your pain and your trouble finding the right shoes because I’m just like you! (Yes you’ve guessed it right, those are my feet on the photo!).


Why I’m the right person to help you ?

Simply because I’m exactly like you!

With my bunions, I couldn’t fit into any shoes. Just like you, I used to fill my closet, empty my wallet but still have sore feet. Since I couldn’t find anything, since no shoe brand had thought about my feet, since no one understood me, I decided to create highly feminine shoes that are designed specifically for bunions.

And since 2012, my shoes have made hundreds of women feeling beautiful around the world!


Are you really in the right place ?

  • If it was easy for you to fit into shoes before your bunions
  • If only your forefoot is wide and the rest of your foot is standard
  • If you still distort your current shoes
  • If you’re dreaming about wearing your favorite dress again
  • If feeling beautiful and feminine is a real priority for you
  • If you have a hallux rigidus, this bump on the top of the foot
  • If you have oedema continuously
  • If you used to have a thin or wide foot with difficulties to find shoes
  • If one of your toes entirely overlaps another toe
  • If you had bunion surgery or if you have flat feet


You are DEFINITELY in the right place !

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