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Our Story

our story

Catherine and her daughter Caroline are revolutionizing the shoe industry


Welcome !


I'm Catherine, founder of Caroline Macaron and, as you may have guessed, I love shoes and more particularly, heels. I’ve always loved them…


In high heels, I feel prettier, more feminine & more confident.

About ten years ago, a bump appeared on the side of my foot —I now know that it's called a bunion— and started growing little by little. Since then, it’s become more and more difficult for me to find nice shoes in stores.


From time to time, I used to let myself fall for that pair of pumps in which I felt so good… well, felt good mostly in my mind because it was another story for my feet.


The saleswoman would assure me every time that I would break in those leather shoes !


So I suffered in silence until the shoes would get broken into. But they never did, so I would put my almost brand new shoes back into their box, and I would start looking for another pair. And it would be the same story over again. I would empty my wallet and fill my closet but would still have sore feet.


That's when I decided to call my daughter Caroline, who at the time lived in England, and ask her to find me pumps that would fit my bunions. I had never bought anything online, but I was ready to take the plunge! Caroline looked everywhere: in France, in Europe, in the United States. She found nothing. Nada. I just couldn't say goodbye to pumps, little cute boots and sexy sandals.




And then I had a crazy idea: since these shoes didn’t exist, I was going to invent them! I asked Caroline if she would want to create a shoe brand with me, and she accepted in a heartbeat ;)


Caroline Macaron was born.


{Caroline is my favorite name, which I had the joy of giving to my daughter, and Macaron is because I'm an absolute cakes lover. A childhood rocked by excellent cakes made by a pastry chef dad in Nantes, rue Paul Bellamy, leaves traces.}


I confess that creating and developing a shoe brand isn't easy every day, but the adventure is extraordinary, thanks mostly to all of our customers who thank us and encourage us on a daily basis.


Caroline Macaron is more than a shoe brand, it's a source of wellness & happiness for women.


That's why I am deeply happy to do what I do.