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Our Story

our story

Caroline Macaron will boost your femininity with ease.

Welcome !


I'm Catherine, founder of Caroline Macaron, and I love high heels, ankle boots and wedges. In heels, I feel prettier, more feminine and more confident.


About fifteen years ago, I noticed a bunion appear on my right foot and I had more and more trouble finding the shoes I liked in shops.

From time to time, I still bought that pair of heels in which I felt so good… well, felt good mostly in my mind because it was another story for my feet. I used to suffer in silence until the shoes would get broken into. But they never did, so I would put my new shoes back into their box, and I would start looking for another pair. I emptied my wallet and filled my closet but still had painful feet.


Of course, I thought about bunion surgery but to be honest, I never had enough faith in this surgery to take the plunge. With a background in engineering, I thought that there was  necessarily another solution than bunion surgery.


And then I had a crazy idea: since no one thought about inventing pretty shoes for bunions, I was going to do it ! I asked my daughter Caroline if she was up for creating a shoe brand with me, and she accepted in a heartbeat ;)


Caroline Macaron was born.

Caroline, as you now know, it's my daughter's first name. And Macaron is in tribute to my dad who was a pastry chef in Nantes.