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size guide

1• Determine your shoe size

Take your current size unless you are in the following case: Let’s say you need size 38 in length but to have some extra width, you are currently wearing size 39. With us, you need to go back to size 38 which is your true shoe size.

2• Measure your widths

Hold a measuring tape over the right foot without touching the foot, at an angle as shown on the green line of the drawing. Read the measurement as accurately as possible. Do the same with the left foot.


3• Check your widths

Check that both widths are within the range of your shoe size.

  • 369.2 cm to 10.2 cm
  • 379.4 cm to 10.4 cm
  • 389.6 cm to 10.6 cm
  • 399.8 cm to 10.8 cm
  • 4010 cm to 11 cm
  • 4110.2 cm to 11.2 cm