Say goodbye to endless researches, miles to travel to find the "right" shop and that frustration of not fitting into anything !

If you're like me, you’re dreaming about a pair of heels...


You wear a EU size 38, you have a standard foot deformed by bunions, one of the two feet is more distorted than the other.


Full of hope, you go to the shopping center.


1st shop


The shop window is nice, you like the designs, you go in.


You explain to the salesgirl that you want preferably feminine shoes with reasonable heels. She comes back with 6 boxes. You try the first, too tight. Same with the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th as well as the 6th. She then suggests to bring you one size up. Why not after all?


So, you try out the size 39 but it goes off your feet.


Nothing is good, but it doesn’t matter, there are still two shops left.


2nd shop


A little disappointed by the tests at the first shop, you explain to the salesgirl that you want a model which is a little bit big. The salesgirl comes with 2 boxes. You try the first, too tight, the second as well.


You begin to feel terribly different and frustration is slowly creeping in.


That’s okay, there is still one last store.


3rd shop


You take off your shoes immediately to not lose time. The salesgirl believes she has a model which could be appropriate for you. She comes back with a box.


You don’t really like it, but your feet are okay in it and not too squeezed. You hesitate. Very quietly, the salesgirl tells you that if you want to be able to wear other models, it would be better to get surgery… You don’t want to risk the operation, your friends have already tried it and have been very disappointed, so you decide to buy that pair of shoes.


You don’t really love those shoes, but you are fed up with the hunt!


The next day, you put on your new shoes. After 15 minutes, the pain sets in. You take your shoes off thinking that you need to soften them.


Second attempt it's still painful.


Third attempt, for sure, they will NEVER soften!!  So you permanently store them in the closet next to all of your other almost new pairs.


And if you have another solution?


No more endless researches, no more miles to travel to find the "right" shop, no more being embarrassed by those salesgirls who have nothing for you, no more unpleasant sensations of feeling different, no more of that frustration of not fitting into anything.


Say hello to the freedom to try at home without showing your feet, to the opportunity to try on your pairs with several outfits, to the chance to ask for your partner or friends’ opinion, say hello to a great collection of shoes where your feet will fit!


And if the shoes don’t suit you?


Just send them back to us and we’ll refund you! And if you pay using PayPal, you can have your return shipping costs refunded ;)


Give yourself a chance to try on a pair of shoes at home, a pair that you will truly wear and won’t stay in your closet. For once, this collection has been designed especially for you!


Enjoy ;)