Just a week ago we organized our first Caroline Macaron cocktail to present our collection of shoes to podiatrists from Loire Valley and we couldn't have hoped for a warmer welcome!


They have been enthusiastic about our philosophy and mot importantly about our shoes that meet all their technical requirements and the need of elegance of their patients. 


After reviewing our shoes in detail, they found out that the fit is perfect for bunions and that the materials are high quality.


Seduced, the podiatrists will advise Caroline Macaron shoes to their patients and spread the word among their colleagues.



Cocktail organized at l'Affiné, Wine cellar and Deli, located at 73 rue Colbert in Tours.

The shoe collection by Caroline Macaron.

Discovery of the brand around some champagne.


Macarons made by la pâtisserie Cheftel, 1 place François Sicard in Tours.