It truly makes our days when we receive super sweet messages from our lovely customers saying that our shoes make them feel beautiful and confident. Today I want to share the love with you. I’m very happy to introduce you to Mariel, bride-to-be, bunion sufferer and dog lover.


Tell us about yourself!


My name is Mariel Regencia. I am 30 years old and live in sunny South Florida. I work as a dietitian in an outpatient cancer clinic. I love to surf, spoil my dog Toby, and meet girlfriends out for wine and dinner. I am engaged to a wonderful man and we will be married in January.


How and when did your bunions first appear?

I have had my bunions since I was a child. I was 11 years old the first time I remember being really self-conscious about my bunions. My soccer coach was touching my foot to show me where I was supposed to kick the ball. I probably put my feet through a lot of torture since I love fashionable shoes, but it was not until the past couple of years that the pain started to become very uncomfortable.


Did you consider surgery? If so, why didn’t you go for it?

I have considered surgery, but at this point, I want to be able to walk (hopefully, gracefully) down the aisle to my future husband this Winter. I also want to be able to walk to the beach for our surfing honeymoon in Bali!


Which Caroline Macaron shoes do you have in your closet?

I have the Florentins, the Smoothies, and the Pralines –and I will be building my collection; I have fallen in love with Caroline Macaron shoes!


How would you best describe the Florentin pumps you just bought?

I am in love! Not only are they a beautiful crafted shoe that polishes my overall look, but they honestly feel like they were made for my feet. This is the first time I have ever found a shoe that does not rub against my bunions. I love all my Caroline Macaron shoes, but my Florentins (the pair I wear on the picture) are perfect when I want a little height.


Why are these pumps different from any that you’ve tried before?

For the past two years, I have tried every brand of comfort shoe out there – I am sad that I did not know about Caroline Macaron until this year. Because of where I work, I cannot wear sandals or shoes without a back due to safety, so my selection has been limited. It started to become really discouraging buying different shoes that felt comfortable for the first hour, but would be very painful by the end of my work day. I had a closet of shoes that I could not wear!


I thought I would have to give up style because of the pain and discomfort my feet experienced. Caroline Macaron shoes have honestly saved my feet and my style. There is enough space in the front of the pump for my bunions to not rub against the shoe, but they also fit my heels perfectly.


What do you wish to say to women who are still hesitant about buying their first pair of Caroline Macaron?

I cannot express how happy I am that this company exists for women who have a difficult time finding attractive, comfortable shoes. I received very personalized customer service from Caroline and Catherine to help find the best size for my feet – and when I received the shoes, they fit perfectly! The amount of time, money, and pain I went through trying to find a beautiful shoe that worked for my feet could have been saved if I knew about Caroline Macaroon a couple of years ago. If you have any hesitation, reach out to Caroline and Catherine, as I could tell just from emails they really care about their customers.


If one of our subscribers is ready to take the plunge but still has a small doubt about our shoes, can she contact you personally?


If you have any doubts about Caroline Macaron shoes and want to hear from someone who suffers from bunions on both feet – not to mention has tried almost every “comfort” shoe brand – please find me on Facebook.


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Have a wonderful day,