Like you, Laurence has struggled for years with her bunions but a trip to the US changed everything...

It truly makes our days when we receive super sweet messages from our lovely customers saying that our shoes have changed their lives. Today I want to share the love with you. I’m very happy to introduce you to Laurence, Parisian, literacy translator and traveller at heart.


Tell us about yourself!

My name is Laurence, I’m 52, I have three sons and a job that allows me to escape: literary translator. Reading and traveling are my two big passions, as well as walking (ouch!)


For how long have you suffered from bunions?

For a very long time ! I was around 20 when my foot began to deform ...


How did you find out about Caroline Macaron?

Out of desperation!


Last summer, I had to make a long plane trip to the US. Following the plane trip, I would have to go to an important meeting without having the time to change.  


But, summer for me is synonym with flip flops or sneakers (preferably very soft and very flabby ones!). With my feet, it’s impossible to think about wearing heels, flats or sandals. Everything hurts. Especially after many hours of flying.


The idea of representing the French woman that way bothered me a lot…We have the reputation of being elegant and feminine!


So, out of desperation, I turned on my computer and I searched for other options. Was I really the only woman with bunions wanting pretty shoes, yet comfy?


A pretty pink page opened on my screen. It was you, Caroline Macaron!



How was your life before Caroline Macaron?


Do you have the whole day free so that I can tell you about my 30 years of struggles?


In short: Hell !


I think I‘ve tried everything, except perhaps orthopaedic shoes ... And yet, I wasn’t far of trying those. In the end, countless unfortunate purchases (shoes that I had carefully tried on!), dozens of more or less successful tricks to try to broaden what couldn’t be broadened, whole days of having sore feet, a huge frustration and discouragement.


How did you feel the first time you put on a pair of Caroline Macaron?


Honestly, I didn’t believe it!


I've slipped my right foot - the most damaged - in the loafer (I've never been able to wear loafers before!) And I thought: "No, that's not possible! ".


This feeling of wearing a pair of slippers, to feel good right away, as if I had worn the shoes for months, not feeling any pain after wearing these shoes all the day long without removing them, and, best of all, to have pretty feet: it was magical!


And it still is.


Catherine, I can truly tell you, you've changed my life!


What would you say to women who are still hesitating to jump ahead?


Try it for yourself : you won't believe it!


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Have a wonderful day,


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