Today I'm sharing with you my surprising shopping excursion...


Summertime being here, I couldn't resist a little shopping excursion to the beautiful shops of Tours last Saturday.


Armed with my good mood and enthusiasm, I was ready to explore the amazing world of summer skirts and light tops. The sun was out, so I put my pair of Calisson Royal on (they feel like slippers !) and pulled out my favorite pair of shorts (the heat requiring something light). I was ready to spend a great afternoon !


I decided to go to a store that I love because they offer the stylish and timeless type of clothing that I like. I was hoping to find a straight skirt that would be perfect for this summer.


I started to look at the clothes on the racks, and that’s when I realized that there were only (UK) sizes 6 and 8 —and a few 10 that seemed lost ! As I found it very strange, I questioned the manager as to whether the brand was only making (UK) sizes 6 and 8, and she replied: "There are also some 10, and the larger sizes are in the back”. She was implying “in the storehouse !”


I suddenly felt excluded, relegated to the background, as if (UK) sizes 12 and above were shameful on the storefront. At that moment, I felt again exactly the same feeling as I did when I was walking all around town looking for shoes but could never find a pair that was made for my feet...


All women are beautiful, regardless of their size and morphology. Some styles are ideal for slender women, while others are perfect for those who have curves.


Now all that’s left for me to do is find the brand that is happy to create for women who wear (UK)  size 12 and above, and who is proud of it…


Do you know any ? Have you ever felt that way before ?



photo credit : dress by Roberto Trombetta  // CC BY 2.0