You can imagine our excitation when we opened the envelope and discovered that Bérénice Bejo herself has written a lovely note to us! It's one of those rare moments when you realize that your wildest dreams can become true...


Bérénice Béjo


For those of you who don't know Bérénice Bejo, she is a very famous French actress who has played in the movie "The Artist" with fellow French actor Jean Dujardin. See who she is now ? ;)

The story of this photo began a few months ago when Laure, one of our customers from Paris, told us that Bérénice was suffering from bunions too.

After several crazy adventures to find out her shoe size and her address, we sent her a pair of shoes with a letter explaining that if she fell in love with the brand, we would love for her to help us.

Then, we had the huge pleasure to have her mum on the phone confirming us that Bérénice did receive the shoes and that she was delighted (hence the photo with the sweet message) !

Have a lovely Friday!



ps: the message on the photo is "Thank you for the shoes. Warm wishes."