We know that having bunions isn't easy everyday, it can be super painful at times and very frustrating when it comes to wearing heels. Like my mum, you might have considered surgery to remove them but maybe, like her, you realized that's a huge leap of faith in the unknown. And what if it's all go wrong ? If you aren't ready for surgery just yet, here are our favorite home remedies to help you heal your bunions:


  • Stay barefoot

If you are at home, then don't wear any kind of shoes, even slippers. Sometimes if you have a foot bunion from a tight shoe, it can automatically heal if you walk barefoot most of the time. This strengthens your toes and allows the joints to get flexible naturally.


  • Foot exercises

Exercise will always help, so if you are willing to be consistent at it, try some foot exercises. Remove your shoes and try to do foot exercises by stretching your big toe and use your hand to pull the big toe to the alignment. Stretch other toes, point them straight for some seconds, and repeat this step again.


  • Buy bunion pads

You can also find bunion pads from any pharmacy over the counter to put in your shoe that will align your big toe back to its place slowly and naturally. Shoe inserters are also available to give you comfort when you wear any shoe.


  • Tape you foot

 When you are at home, try to tape your toes to the normal position. Try doing this for a week or two, which might help you to get the big toe at normal direction


  • Pain reliever

 If you are consistently bearing the pain, try an ice pack as the pain reliever. It will sooth the joints temporarily and eases the pain for sometime. You can also do a massage with olive oil to prevent the pain. 


Bunions can be annoying at times, but if you try those home remedies and wear gentle shoes for your feet, you can make things better and help avoid surgery.  


Hope this helps :)




photo credit: ramon's pink pills by Meeralee / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0