Business life is made of ups and downs and on last April 13, there was a big down.

At midday, the director of the factory that makes our shoes called me: "Catherine, I haven’t been able to save my business, I have to close it down and it’s immediate effect, so I won’t be able to fulfil your orders." 


I knew he was in a delicate situation, but I had no idea it was that bad…


Within hours, everything shifted. We had to let go of our manufacturer, say goodbye to a great team, collect our things, organize our departure and put an end to a great story that began just a few years ago.

You can imagine our profound sadness that day ...

But because life also reserves you beautiful surprises, we met an amazing person shortly after.


Mauricette, 74, has rescued a company from bankruptcy 6 years ago. Deeply touched by the fate that awaited the 50 employees at the factory, she decided to do something. At that time she was 68 but she put all her heart and all her energy to right the ship and she succeeded!!


Moved by what she did, we decided to hit the road. Three hours later, Caroline and I are meeting Mauricette. Her right-hand (wo)man in the business is her niece. Mother and daughter as we are, exchange with the aunt and the niece.


A reciprocal crush!


What a joy to meet women who have such beautiful human values, who are fighters and who put all of their energy to serve others. We restart our production with this company that has a real expertise in the production of shoes, they have been making them since 1750.


You know our production is different, very specific and requires special attention. So we have to explain all the specificities of each model and start the validation procedure all over again. We are getting down to the job and we are going to get there for sure, but it will necessarily take some time.


But no matter what, Caroline and I are over the moon to be working with these two beautiful souls and their team!