Serving : 8 people



140 g (0.5 cup) egg whites, at room temperature

30 g (2 tbsp) superfine sugar

90 g (6 tbsp) superfine sugar mixed with 90 g (6 tbsp) sifted confectioner’s sugar

30 g (2 tbsp) confectioner’s sugar

Pistachio ice cream and chocolate ice cream

Cocoa powder

30 cl (1 ¼ cup) whole cream


Meringue: Preheat the oven to 250° F. Whip up the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Halfway through, add the 2tbsp of superfine sugar. Towards the end, once the eggs form stiff peaks, add the superfine/confectioner’s sugars mix. The eggs should be shiny and firm. Immediately pipe the meringue onto parchment paper with a pastry bag fitted with a smooth tip. Starting from the center, make a circle in the shape of a snail and individual shells. Sift cocoa powder on top of the meringue. Bake for 90 minutes at 250° F.


Chantilly Whipped Cream: Put the cream in a stainless steel bowl and in the freezer for 10 minutes --no more, no less. Whip the cream. Add the 2 tbsp of confectioner’s sugar.


Get the ice cream out of the freezer.


Put the Vacherin together: Create a support with a disk of thin cardboard lined with foil in the dimension of your meringue circle. The Chantilly whipped cream will serve as a link between the components of the dessert. Pour small mounds of whipped cream and put scoops of ice cream. Interpose the meringue shells dressed with whipped cream. Continue to decorate, alternating meringue, whipped cream, and ice cream, as you please. Finish the decorating with Christmas elements.


Put in the freezer in a large round tupperware, or in a cake box saved from a past visit to the bakery. Note: when left uncovered, the chantilly whipped cream tends to take on different tastes.


Take out of the freezer 15 minutes before serving, and enjoy the compliments this dessert will bring you ;)



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