Creating and running a shoe brand is full of ups & downs, good & bad days, surprises & wake-up calls. It’s not easy every day but it’s worthwhile every day, just because of our lovely customers. It truly makes our days when we receive super sweet messages from them saying that our shoes make them feel beautiful and confident. And today I want to share the love with you. I’m very happy to introduce you to Christina, bunions sister and amazing customer.


Could you tell us a bit more about you? We want to know everything!


My name is Christina Young.  I have been married to Hunter Young for 21 years and we are the parents of 5 kids ages 14 to 21.  We live in Baltimore, Maryland where Hunter is a doctor at Johns Hopkins, and I work at JG Sassy, an upscale women’s boutique that my best friend owns.


Three of my kids are in college and the next one will be a freshman in college in the fall.  When I am not working, you will usually find me at my daughter’s lacrosse game (she plays at the United States Naval Academy) or at one of my youngest daughter’s soccer games.


How and when did your bunions first appear?


I am not sure when I noticed my bunions, but I have always had wide, flat feet.  My mother has bunions so I KNOW where they came from :(  I am guessing that they progressively worsened over the years because NO ONE made attractive shoes that fit my feet.  Therefore, I was constantly cramming my feet into poorly fitting shoes.


Have you thought about surgery and why didn't you do it?


I have met MANY women who have opted to have their bunions removed.  And I have learned that it is NOT an easy surgery.  You must stay off of your feet for 6 weeks during recovery (and you obviously can’t do both feet at the same time).  WHEN am I supposed to do that?  Also, my husband is a physician and he is vehemently against it.  He has always said surgery should be your LAST option.  The last thing you want to do is mess up your feet!!


Do you have any tip(s) to share to relieve bunions pain?


I wish I did!  In my job, I am on my feet all day.  There are many days when I come home, prop up my feet, and wait for them to stop throbbing!


How could you best describe the boots Marquise you wore all winter? 


Like I said, I work in an upscale women’s boutique.   We are all about fashion!  I will honestly say that during the winter months, I wore my Marquise Boots almost EVERY DAY with my dresses and tights.  I was always so envious of the women who walked into our shop in their stylish booties.  When I finally found mine, I was ecstatic to say the least! 


You've just received the loafer Calisson Royal! We know there is a special secret attached to it...could you tell us more?


I joke that I was born in Memphis, Tennessee, the home of the legendary Elvis Presley, so it is only fitting that I now own a pair of blue suede shoes!  I got them in the mail yesterday and wore them today!  As a matter of fact, I STILL have them on, 3 hours after I got home!  I am attaching a picture of me wearing them at work today!



How do you feel when you are wearing your Caroline Macaron shoes?


Finally finding fashionable shoes that fit my fit make me feel beautiful!  Beautiful shoes have never really been an option for me.  I definitely have « shoe envy ».  But I got compliments on my « blue suede shoes » all day today!


Finally, we would love to know what makes you feel beautiful every day? 


Honestly, I have always known that I am an attractive woman, who wears nice clothes, and puts myself together well.  NOW I have the shoes to complete the package!  And that is worth every $$ I have paid for my Caroline Macaron shoes!!!


If you enjoyed getting to know Christina, I’m sure our sisterhood (aka women with bunions) would love to hear your story too! Please email us at to get featured here ;)


Have a lovely day,


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