If you've ever felt a burn under your feet on top of your bunions pain, this post is for you !

I "met" my bunions around the age of forty.


At the beginning, I had a quite small growth, it was simple to manage, everything was going fine.


And then the bump has been increasingly growing on my right foot, the left foot remaining "normal". Toes began to deviate slightly and then a little more and the nightmare started but I didn't know it was only the beginning.


Even when I put on the right shoes, I began feeling a sort of burn under the foot after 30 minutes of walk. I even had the impression to walk with a pebble in the shoe. It seems kind of crazy and rather unpleasant !


I talked to my GP who sent me to a rheumatologist , who sent me to a podiatrist .


Fast enough, the podiatrist understands what's happening and explains it to me.


I have a painful inflammation of the plantar region which is the consequence of an overload on the back support of the foot. And that's probably my bunion that changed my support.


He makes me half-orthotics to correct this support by putting a bump strategically placed on the sole and it's extraordinary ! I can walk kilometers again without pain !


Does my story resonate with you ?


If so, I recommend you to go see a podiatrist who will craft adapted orthotics especially for your feet. I promise they're going to relieve a lot fo your pain.


With our shoes and the right half-orthotics, you will be in heaven. The ultimate in comfort is at your fingertips !