Winter can be an exciting time of the year with lots of activities and outing planned. Are you surprised to hear that it can be an exciting time? Well, do not be! When it comes to fashion and looking trendy, this can be the best time of the year. 


Because it all starts with being and feeling healthy, we are sharing with you some beauty tips special winter:


  • Drink a lot of water, about 8 glasses daily is ideal for a glowing and fresh skin during winter. You must have heard that a lot from every other person time to time but it works the best. Water clears up your skin and brings a shine on it. If your skin looks fresh, then whatever cosmetics you put on, you would look beautiful. Water filters all the mess within you and brings a flow on your face with smoothness.


  • Our skin needs extra moisture every now and then. Even if you have an oily skin, massage it and practice this once a week. Do not use chemicals on your face; instead use the natural products like milk, honey, lemon, etc. Going to a masseuse is a great idea during winter. You would be able to get rid of stress that makes you feel fatigued and just tired.


  • Always stay in places with low temperature where your skin does not get too dry or too oily. As temperatures rise in the afternoon, you should stay out of the heat and get busy with indoor activities. Get games to play with your loved ones while you stay out of the heat.  The best beauty tip, of course, is get an hour of beauty sleep in the afternoon. You will be surprised how this can help you stay vibrant and energetic through the day. By nightfall, you would be ready for a fabulous time outing and even receiving guests.


  • Taking a bath every morning is highly recommended, or at least once a day. When taking a bath, use lukewarm water with mild soap or body wash. Avoid hot water showers in winter, because it will leave your skin dry and cracked, which you would not want at all.


  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Try to eat fresh food as an important part of your diet that keeps your body temperature cool. Your skin needs to breathe every night so make sure to take off the make up before you sleep. Otherwise, it will take away the shine from your face.


Beauty tips are not always about makeup, mascaras, and base to apply. Sometimes, it is the little things we do in our daily lives (as the ones mentioned above) that make us look vibrant and breathtaking in a natural way.


Have a great winter! 



photo credit: swedish winter by  Lisa Widerberg / CC BY 2.0